Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama Day.

Today was my second mother's day as an actual mama.

and this year I became a mama for a second time.

When I was younger I never thought to much about Mother's day. I knew we always went to church. I have vague memories of breakfasts in bed, and dad buying gifts "from us" to give to mom.

I just simply never though much about it then.

and in Retrospect-What was I thinking??

I absolutely adore my kids. I couldn't by any stretch of the imagination think about life without them (or with different ones...). But holy cow is it nice to have a day where it is specifically recognized all that it takes to be a mother?

And so, sorry mom. That my young mind did not appreciate this day as much as I should have.
I'm sorry I never picked out the presents, and that my crafts made in school for you were not more spectacular. 

Because you know what?? Every single mom deserves to know how much she is needed. loved. appreciated.

(and this happens in my life now. it makes my heart smile...)

And my small and still young brood pulled out all the stops for this very new to mamahood girl.

It all started with Sophie waking up extra early to get the first "happy mother's day" in.

Ok, she was just hungry.

But sitting in the still dim living room at 5 am nursing and nurturing my newest little is something that I try to love and appreciate as I know these moments are fleeting.

And then the older little brought me breakfast in bed. A perfectly handcrafted pancake (made by dah-ee) and we sat in bed together and ate. 

It was a magical time in which I can look into the future a bit and see my girl helping to put some crumbs into my much too clean sheets and enjoying each others company.

Church at my home congregation (finally...), and a picnic lunch.

All beautiful and exactly where I needed to be and what we needed to be doing to celebrate this normal but out of the ordinary Sunday.

And then they gave me their present. This one not facilitated by dah-ee.
This one was one of their own doing.

For the first time in three and a half months, they napped.

At the same time.

And I cuddled under the blankets in my bed.

and slept.

for one hour and 32 minutes.

And that was the best present I could ever have asked for.

Thanks, girls. Thanks daddy. It was the best day ever.

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  1. Those girls are so precious!! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Mama!