Monday, March 14, 2011

struggles. and victories.

It has been quite a roller coaster in these parts. I was sick, and then Luke was sick. Both of which are the lay out on the couch can't move, please keep the babies away sick. Then Sophie had her burst of reflux. The silent kind. the painful, no relief, all I can do is whimper-scream kind. She suffered. I cried. And finally called the doctor when she was inconsolable for 4 whole hours one evening. 

Reflux indeed. The culprit? probably dairy. Since then, a week and a half ago, I have been completely dairy free. Which essentially is vegan (with meat. and eggs.). Quite the adjustment, but the littlest is starting to improve. More of the smiling. less of the whimper-screaming. So we shall trudge on finding alternatives to my usual diet and enjoying the sweetest face and little frog legs.

Then Ella got what Luke had. that chest heaving, nose faucet cold. And today it was so generously passed on to me. Sweet.

We've been struggling. But that's what the beginning is all about,right? figuring it out. trial and error. 

I'm still hibernating a bit. I can count the number on one hand of the times I have wrangling the girls by myself and taken them out during the day. It still scares me a little.

But the weather is getting warmer, I'm getting a little more antsy. All good signs of preparing to enjoy spring and soak up that sunshine that is inevitably on the horizon.

there have also been small victories in the past hard weeks. 

First, we made it through. That is a big one!

We have somewhat of a routine going. At least for a couple of days at a time before someone decides to change it up.

Sleep has been coming easier-the biggest of all! Still not there yet, but our 8 week old is a champ and could be so much worse!

So as I nurse this cold (and my littlest), I'll dream of spring and the warmth and fresh air that come along with it.

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