Friday, March 18, 2011

au natural..

Two months in.
As we move further away from that beautiful Monday, I find myself reflecting on her entrance into the world. Wanting to hold on to the feelings of that grand entrance, but also ready to let it go. To forget the pain and the hours spent in that recycled-air hospital room. But to me, it is also important to remember the beauty of the moment, to hold on to that feeling of the first moment. To be able to relive those to her when she is older.

As I read through my usual blogs, there is a disproportionate amount of fellow mamas having kids in the past couple of month. I also feel myself drawn to new moms and their birth stories (as I think many new moms are while trying to process the overwhelming-ness of the situation).

There is a strange phenomenon that goes along with processing labor and delivery.
And that is pain medication.

If one went through labor "naturally" it is said. One of the first things. As in, "This is Sally, she was born 9 lbs 12 ounces after 30 hours of completely medication free labor"
Awesome. good for you. It is hard, and you are amazing for going through that.

But why is that so important that it is stated in the introduction of your child?

I know you're proud. I understand it. I had that too.
With Ella I did the natural birth thing. I had the midwife, our 'birth plan' included no pain meds. Although through the induction process I regretted this decision considerably, I did it. And to be honest, when it was all said and done I was pretty proud of myself. 
I however, don't think I ever inserted that fact into my introduction.

With S, I went in knowing what to expect just a little bit more. I also went in knowing that I wanted pain management medication. And I have to say, the birth was a whole lot less traumatic and a very much more rewarding experience even though I did not have the pride that comes along with going au natural.

It amazes me that people can birth without medication over and over, I am not one of those people. Medication helped me enjoy the experience. Medication helped me heal faster afterward, both physically and especially mentally. Medication helped me be able to tell my daughter I loved her before she was 4 months of age which is different than with my first daughter.

I have always said that I am happy that I experienced an epidural free birth. I'm glad and proud to know that I can do it like women have done childbirth for thousands of years. I do, however, not wish to repeat that experience.

And so I will smile and congratulate the women who go through this experience and do it through pain management of the mind and not medicine. You are amazing. But so are all of the women who use the technology that has been developed for this experience. Birth is truly an amazing thing, and all women should be proud of that accomplishment.

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