Monday, February 14, 2011

Where we are

today we are here.
we are exactly four weeks in and the newborn haze has descended.
We are at the place where going out is so taxing that it is time to spend at home.
Where the outside temperatures are so low that we hunker down and enjoy here.
where we are.

Getting to know a new family member is such a strange thing.
It is another mouth to feed, another arm full of cuddles, another warm body, another personality to discover, another human to think about.

And then there is the ever growing 18 month old.
the one who is starting to talk in simple sentences, the one who makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out all in the swing of 15 minutes. 
But it is so worth it.

But we're doing it. Making it through. settling in. figuring things out. its getting easier.
(a big thanks to the moby wrap for such an amazing invention!)

And for now we're happy doing the everyday things as four.

With extra help nowadays. And filling our house with the warm smell of brownies or bread.
Eating a home cooked meal most nights, and being thankful for the time that allows us to do that.

But with staying in, messes come too. So dealing with that is a whole other set of problems. 
Trying to be patient and let the laundry not bother me, or trying not to apologize one million times every time someone comes over to offer much needed food or help. 
That's what the newborn haze is about.

But then this happens.
My heart melts and my eyes fill up (residual pregnancy hormones?)
I can't help but get so excited for the years to come.
This has developed in only four short weeks. What about four years? fourteen? forty? 
be still my heart. I can't even imagine.

we spend our days eating, feeding, reading, baking, loving.

playing music of all sorts...

And cuddling.

And some of us even got a mini vacation.
One weekend of attention all to herself. Walking on the beach and being loved on by Grammie and Grampie.

Just what she needed...

She was ready for it.

And patiently waiting.

This mama and her husband then got their much needed time alone with the littlest as well as a restful time of *gasp* only one kid! 

I think multiple times a day, "Man, why did I ever complain about one newborn?!"

And then she cries. and won't let me put her down for four hours. and i have to walk around my house with my back screaming while she is as well.

And then I remember. oh yeah. thats why.

But this was reintroduced into my life this weekend for our valentine's dinner. ahh..

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

A day full of love. 

what Could be better, really?

and so there was lots of pink.

Including tights. which I think everyday should include, but especially Valentine's Day.

And so we celebrated by staying in. Stuffing our faces with heart shaped pancakes (mine were no where near as good as my mom's, but she had a few years experience-someday mine will be good too :)  ). We all wore red or pink.

and we loved.

I don't know when the newborn haze is scheduled to lift, but I'm perfectly content if it stuck around for a couple of months.
take your time "normal" life. I don't miss you all that much.

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