Monday, January 24, 2011

where we were.

One week ago tonight.
It is crazy to think about that. She's only been here for one week. 
She fits into our family like that puzzle piece that had dropped under the couch, but after looking for a while, there it was. magically appearing and fitting in perfectly and completely.

She was only three hours old. Three hours new. and she is perfect.

After a long 9 and a half hours, she was here. Slippery, crying, beautiful.
It was a roller coaster of an emotional day. The meds helped. Family helped. Amazing nurses couldn't have made it any smoother. 

The birth was beautiful. It was quick in time, only 26 minutes, but it allowed me to stay focused. To take a mental snapshot of all that happened. To feel every sensation, every emotion, and to feel it as the miracle it was. As the beauty that is often lost in birth through planning, pain relief, and impatiently waiting to move on to the next thing.

Oh no. Not this one. As much as I wanted to meet her, hold her, have her I tried hard to not let the impatience get in the way once the labor was in action. I wanted this to be an experience. An experience so unlike the last time that I wouldn't even recognize it as birth how I knew it. And it was. Support came from all around that bed, and there was love in the room instantly. Sophie was born into love, just like we wanted it.

And then there is this one.
She was there for a portion of the labor. She was there to meet her sister. Her new best friend and greatest nemesis all at once bundled up into this little human that she is trying her 17 month old hardest to understand.
And together they are amazing. completing. and mine.

We were there one week ago tonight. In love, and emotion. We were getting ready for the night in awe and fear of what this night could bring. We cuddled her over and over. We settled into uncomfortable beds. I was still in pain, but didn't mind quite as much because I had done it. An accomplishment I feared of bringing another human into this world.

The night went well, and so has this week. Has she only been here a week?
She just fits too perfectly.

We were there. and we're moving slowly towards here. Where life comes back and we are facing it with a new little girl.

Bring it on life. We're ready.


  1. Such a beautiful posts - and such beautiful girls! Congratulations!!!

  2. that picture of Ella and Sophia is just beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations Kelly. So So So happy for you.