Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back to the grind.

CPE has ended, after a lovely "graduation" anointing I am checking one more thing off the long list of experiences I must have in seminary.

and now I'm back to being a mom. E and I are spending these next few days together, cherishing them before I am off to learn greek and she is off to day care (eek!). It seems really overwhelming right now, but so did sitting on the edge of the summer and we got through.

So for these four days we are playing. We are walking. We are visiting. And most of all we are enjoying the small things. We are also working really hard on getting her first birthday Luau together. The invites are out, and the decorations are (mostly) bought. I am working on her first birthday present, and though it is a lot of tedious work, I look at what is already accomplished, and am so in love.

For now the little one is enjoying being in her own home during the day, and today enjoying it by sleeping in (9:36 and still asleep? what??). I am trying to organize life and get back on top of the million things that need done. It is an amazing week we're experiencing and I am soaking up every moment.

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