Thursday, April 1, 2010

puking and fish.

This week started out with a lot of stress and multi-tasking. I fed EM peas with one hand, and highlighted Systematic theology with the other. Then Monday night happened.

There was a LOT of puke. Everywhere...floor, chair, sleeper, bib, blanket, hair, pants, shirt...but I did manage to capture some in my hand? 

I guess it is the natural instinct, but as my 7 month old was coughing, crying, and projectile vomiting all at the same time, I pat her back and wondered why I had an overfilling hand of puke. 

I hate puke. but it does make me feel like a "real" mama that I was perfectly fine cleaning it all up while my husband (also with the stomach bug) was in the broom spewing on his own.

So tuesday, I had a house of sickies and 5 hours of class to sit through. I came home to this picture on the floor of the living room.

But after a mere 28 or so hours-most parties seem to be feeling better. and Now we're moving on to getting ready for the opening day of trout season.

A big day for my fishing obsessed husband and my inlaws whose backyard is composed of a game commission stocked stream.

EM is ready.

We've also been working with more solid food. 

And Annabelle is having a ball with this one too...

After a cold snap, spring warmth and sunshine is back with us-

and out go the diapers to dry and let the sun work it's stain removing magic.

Happy Holy Week!

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  1. This post is absolutely gruesome until those beautiful pictures come up. Even the one of E and L on the floor is sweet!