Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring has Sprung.

Hints of spring have started in our neck of the battlefield. It has meant long runs and walks, bare feet, swings, and just enjoying the out of doors.

Lately we've switched to exclusively cloth diapers (except at night, and with some of the babysitters who don't yet feel comfortable-completely understandable). But even on outings, cloth it is! I love it. EM is happy, and we've already noticed the money saving/less trash benefit! I have been looking into other types of rubber pants as ours are wearing out. Also, she had to move up a size in pants because the 6 months don't fit over the bulkier diapers (c'mon carters!). Because of using them so full time we go through them so fast that this mama decided to repurpose some old tshirts that were cluttering my drawer.  I love love love seeing the different colors-my fave is the tiedye. It is also fun to be able to relive memories on a daily basis with tee's that I haven't worn in years. (like the pink ladies shirt from Grease my senior year-looks so cute on her, and what a fun diaper!!)

Also in the background of this picture is a little glimpse at what I'll be working on next. hehe :)

New obsession=knitting. I had learned when I was a lot younger from my grandma Root, but never really got into it. I've tried to relearn a couple of times from a number of people, but still could not fall in love further than a washcloth. As I was getting more experienced with the crochet hook, I decided to try knitting for its smoother look and challenge of using two needles. I retaught myself through online videos and a great book. This time I learned left handed-and hey, guess what? that's all it took. Who knew I was left handed the whole time? 

I've been working on baby items for all of the babies, and soon to be babies in my life. so Watch out preggos, there is something knit coming your way!

Welcome to spring. 

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  1. I had no clue you're going cloth with Ella's diapers! Have you researched gro-baby diapers? ( They're like a green hybrid of cloth and disposable and travel well :)