Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adventures in Cereal

Last Monday was EM's six month checkup. Everything looks great. She's 14.8 lbs and average with everything! The doc said she has a little eczema but nothing to worry as many babies supposedly have it, especially in the dry winter months. She received a few more vaccines and from what they said she is almost done with those. The next appointment is at 6 months.

But the most exciting news we heard is that we are allowed to start solids! Rice cereal comes first, followed by other kinds of grain cereal (barley, wheat, etc) and after a month or so she moves on to fruits. We are really trying to be frugal and green about this whole endevor and are making our own baby food.

On Tuesday, after the sleepy/cranky affects of the shots wore off, we were ready to jump in!

Her pod was out and on the counter. The bib was washed with Dreft (grr..another story for another time). The rice cereal was formula-ed down and in her brand spanking new Baby Einstein Bowl with infant rubber rigged spoon. She was hungry but not starving, just like all of the reading material says. The stage was set.

We plopped her in the pod, she was holding her head up, the camera was at the ready to capture this huge milestone in our first child's life.

In came the spoon with a small portion of soy and brown rice "goodness."

Into her mouth, past her adorable little gums. The spoon can back...

and out came the cereal.
Her face crinkled into the frown that is too stinking cute and the scream came.

We tried for a half hour to have her eat something, but there was only screaming and tears. Real tears.

It's the real tears that getcha. Breaks my heart every single time.

After a frustrating 35 minutes or so, we gave up and in went the bottle.

Wednesday was the same thing. It was at that point that we realized that maybe after Christmas when we can concentrate on it would be a better time.

I'm nervous.
It's after Christmas but we haven't tried again...

Maybe tomorrow?

{This is different.}
{What just happened? (Before the scream...)}

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