Friday, October 2, 2009


On Wednesday I had my 6 week checkup. I have been cleared for everything, most notably exercise. I made a very important goal for myself that I would exercise through my 8th month of pregnancy. It was difficult at time, but I did it! And actually almost through my ninth and even up until 2 days before the induction I was still hiking all over camp, swimming laps and aquacising with the girls, and going to Dawn's Yoga sessions if only for the breathing, stretching and cat/cow (which EM LOVED the whole summer). I even played a game of knock out that last week (what was I thinking??). But then the delivery came and I was pretty much stagnant for 6 weeks. I felt horrible and very much not like myself. But now I can! I'm back at it and it feels fantastic! I can't do too much yet, and still have a little uncomfortableness from stitches not quite healed, but being back in that pool felt amazing! Can't wait to do it again..

I was also cleared of diabetes which feels absolutely amazing! I figured I would be fine, but just having that assurance is beautiful. My fasting number was actually a little high (only by 13, but still), but my 2 hour was super excellent. I'll probably have to take another glucose test in a couple of months but for now I'm good to go. Woohoo!

Some of Ella Monster's personality is starting to come out as she makes happy noises and is smiling a little more. Here's what we see so far....

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  1. She's just so darn cute! I miss her a lot! I can't WAIT to see her again!