Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week

Baby in moby.
Nuk holder I fashioned early this week after forgetting one one a few outing..

Portable crib...and old laundry basket.
Watching great uncle Tim's play's Lion King performance on dancing with the stars. Along with Zazu.
We've been experimenting with EC. It's been going ok, although we're a little half hearted at this point when she seems to go every 5 minutes. But with every diaper change we're working on connecting the sound signals with the action. It's a little crazy, but so are we I guess. (also, connecting to my hidden hippie side...)
The Quilt Project.
the 148th box of 61 Seminary Ridge brought me the greatest joy this afternoon. I have been waiting on this little treasure of a book for a couple of days and it's finally here. I opened the mailbox and there was my box with a black smiley on it. I quickly grabbed it and sprinted home! Ok, not sprinted since I have not been cleared for exercise. I walked as fast as my postpartum legs could carry me, and ripped it open as soon as I got in the door. The pages are full of every project I could ever want. I can't wait to get started! and I know just where I will...
Happy Weekend!

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