Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The dog..

Annabelle knows something. She must know something is coming. I have been spending some time at home in the last 2 weeks; resting, staying out of the heat, most of all nesting. Annabelle refuses to leave my side. Not in a usual Annabelle fashion either. This isn't just following me around, this is a need to be on top of me, to have me hold her, or to simple perch herself on my expanded belly. Although this annoyed me at first, I now find it pretty endearing and kind of exciting because maybe she actually does know something will happen really really soon. This morning while waiting for the shower to become available from L, I went into the nursery as I do most days now just to make sure things are ready, set and waiting. I sat in the rocker and just looked around at all of the generosity people have shown us these past few months and all of the preparation we have done in just the last few weeks and was grateful. Annabelle came and nestled into my arms, making me (I kid you not, actually moving her body to make me...) hold her like I would hold a baby. And so we rocked....

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