Sunday, April 19, 2009

FIrst day of summer?

It was a b-e-a-utiful day in NC. a little over 80, not humid, and sunny! It felt like it might be the start to another NC Summer. L and I went into the City of Oaks for the Raleigh SPCA Dog Walk 3k. We didn't walk due to the seriously high registration cost and our tight budget, but we took the boo to Moore Square Park to enjoy the vendors, free doggie treats and thousands of people and dogs. It was a fantastic day full of sun and furry friends. I even got a little burnt on the top of my bare shoulders. fantastic.

We also finally finished our registry after a long trip to target and three long trips to Babies R Us over the last few weeks. It has been such an overwhelming process not totally knowing what we're getting ourselves into, but in the end, has made it just a little more real and I'm excited now to use the binkies, and the bottles, and the stroller...We'll see how long that lasts-ask me again in 5 months.

We do still need to find a crib-and we're working on that. I've been checking craigslist and searching sites to see if I can find a good deal. Something reasonable that we can continue to use if more kids are to come. The stroller has been a huge "thing" as we decide what we like, the colors, one that lasts but is reasonably priced, etc. Ultimately we went with a fantastic jogger that the car seat can latch into. It is green and brown (or grey...I forget...), easily can be used with a pink blanket or blue blanket to make it more gender specific and should last through many-a walks, jogs, and training runs. The marathon training WILL come again-and we are preparing ourselves.

This evening we decided we wanted to grill-actually we decided we wanted to grill most of this week. With camp being the residence of choice this summer, we're not sure how often we'll get to use our fantastic charcoal grill so we're getting it in as much as possible. Beef was on sale at Kroger-so burgers it was. Turned to our good friend Rachael Ray for a delicious and easy burger recipe and we made Texas Hold-Ums Chipotle Burgers. We did not make them mini, as they were not just snacks. We also only used what we already had since it was a last minute recipe, so no chipotle peppers. Instead we used southwest chipotle seasoning. Worked great-but could have put more in. Wasn't sure how strong it would be so were modest. Homemade steak fries using a cooking light recipe was the side-and I have to say, this dinner was amazing! So great to smell the charcoal and it really made it feel like a gorgeous spring/summer day! Dessert was a 1/4 cup country made vanilla ice cream with tons of fresh cut strawberries and a little hershey's chocolate syrup. A-Maze-Ing. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Amazing how the weather can so much dictate how a Saturday goes...

Baby Girl wasn't moving much today and I was worried. I think she's been so crazy because of the Easter candy I've been snacking on all week-that's a lot of sugar for a little one the size of a banana! I've consciously cut back so she's been a little lazy. Oddly enough L talked to her-asked her to wake up and give us a little kick to let us know she's still there and within 5 minutes there was a kick! (although, maybe a punch because it was way up to the left of my belly button). Relief. 

Doctor's appt monday morning. :)

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