Saturday, April 12, 2014

book group and sisters

Today I spent my morning (and into afternoon..) sitting around the living room of a dear friend sipping mimosas and talking about a book full of truth.

We have done book clubs sporadically in the past, usually when spring fever hits and we need a break from our houses full of cooped up kids. This one was a smaller group of women, but man did it fill my heart.

There was brunch, coffee, mimosas...all good components to any book group. We sat around the dining table catching up with life.

And then there we were spread in the living room. On couches, chairs, the floor. knitting, scrolling through kindle highlights, snapping pictures for instagram. And we actually talked about the book for a good amount of time!

These truth-tellers, these women who know me so well, these women who know me through all different facets of my life so far were all there to talk about life and for that I am so very thankful!

I'm starting to look ahead to the coming month and the packing, figuring out the future, and the saying goodbye of my current life is starting to weigh down. Realizing that these people who I can tell anything to, who know me so easily will be ones I see only every so often. No more easy books groups, last minute brunches sipping coffee late into the babies' naps and so for now I am soaking that up. Dreaming of finding this again some day in the future with new women I have yet to meet.

I still have a month to enjoy this, soak it in, laugh and cry with the women I know as friends and sisters.

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