Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Nights

 Spring is on its way. 
It seems to come and go, fighting with the last of the chilly weather trying to find its spot.

but on the nights that it wins...we take full advantage.

Our spring nights are spent on our front porch.

watching the little girls squeal and run and climb and take it in.

The littlest is quite the monkey lately. Always trying to find a way to get higher.

and this one becomes more of a big kid every single day.
I've found a constent sense of amazement as a parent watching my kids grow.
the things they say, the things they decide to do...

where does it all come from?

It is scary how much comes from Luke and me that we don't even know that we do.
But the little ones know that we do.
and they copy.

and they continue to grow. 

You know it happens, but to actually witness it from day one...


And so on these spring nights we spend a lot of time watching.

Ella walks the dog around the yard on the leash yelling "pupdog get back here!" when the dog strays to the end of her rope..

Sophie climbs up the steps. And down the steps. Back up the steps, stands up, walks a couple of paces and returns to her never ending up and down...

and I stand amazed.

after the familiar routine of baths, bottles, teeth brushing, book reading, pray saying...

the littlest goes to bed and the oldest does her usual special older sister routine.

she gets wrapped up in her monogrammed blanket, gets scooped by her daddy, and they head out for a couple of minutes of stargazing and moon watching.

Her amazement and wonder is contagious...

Spring nights. I could get used to this.

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