Friday, September 2, 2011

So long Sweet Summer.

Our summer is coming to an end.
The sun is going down just a little earlier.
The tea bags used for iced tea are running low.

We've been to lots of BBQs with lots of babies.

The kinds where you pick up the closest tiny human and cuddle them close regardless of DNA and you don't hold your own kid hardly at all.

And that makes my heart sing.

End of summer means, to us, the end of another year of growing with our oldest little.

And new experiences happen.

Like getting some new diamonds in her ears.

She was so good. And she wore a pretty dress which always helps...

And we're in a new living space.

It has been frustrating to pack while living at camp, but being able to spread out has trumped that and I'll take it any day.

New living space means turning old things new again.

Coastal white it is. 

End of summer also brings early morning thunderstorms.

Babies watching in their pjs.

From our new front porch!

One of my favorite things I've seen this summer is the older one grow. 

She spent her summer with skinned knees playing in the woods.
I think every little girl should experience this.

She grew and played and I had the privilege of watching it all.

She's 2 now.

When did this happen??

Her favorite pastime at our new place is picking "Mates from Gard" (tomatoes from the garden)

And so many people came to celebrate this special little girl with us. And although Irene kept all 24 of us inside for a majority of it...

We still celebrated this little girl like crazy.

And now on to the third year.

With whatever crazyiness
whatever adventures
whatever tears
whatever smiles

whatever Growing that brings.

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