Saturday, July 9, 2011


This summer has been a crazy whirlwind.

Being up in the air about moving.
Having amazing vacations that make me miss my family more.
Adjusting to life at Camp and what that means for a 22 month old and a 5 month old.

never resting.

Its life. I feel like life with kids always has these words attached. There are peaceful moments, but never peaceful moments strung together. they just drift in and out amidst the crazy, busy, draining times.

Camp has been the biggest adjustment of all. and following the kind of vacation you never want to come back from--just hard. Naps don't happen on a regular basis. Holding hot, sticky, cranky babies. Balancing work and "home." Letting go while another person takes care of my babies.

I don't know if I totally thought about all of these things.

But we're 5 weeks in, going on 6, and its happening. It is becoming our norm. The crazy is starting to settle into routine. The rain settles the dust and brings us peaceful moments amid chaos. Our dust is settling with half of the summer left.

We still don't know when we're moving, but it'll happen eventually. And so for now we wait.
And enjoy having two homes.

I have had a great deal of an "unselttled" feeling this summer. With this comes great creative energy. While I've been able to expend some of this through the crafts each day-it doesn't seem to satisfy. I'm ready to get back to my shop. I'm ready to pick up the needles. I'm ready to discuss theological issues again. I'll be ready for you fall. For now I melt wine bottle in the kiln, and tie off seed beads. Trying hard to be present where I am. Channeling last summer, I'm learning to be comfortable in my uncomfortableness.

And I always have this...

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