Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You know when you have nothing and everything to do all at once? When there is a million and one things on your to do list, yet nothing is as important as living in the moment your are experiencing at that time? The stars align perfectly for a afternoon of jammies, blankets, cuddly babies, and colored pencils?

Yeah, we had one of those weekends.

There was napping and giggling...lots and lots of giggling. We've been having that a lot lately. And what a joyous sound it is.

We also cooked. I think cooking is good for the soul. Nothing was especially good, or bad for us. Just good for the soul. Sharing the tiny kitchen space, sizzling skillet, baby chasing the dog at our feet.

sounds like the ending to a girly movie.

and it felt like that. only better.

and out of it came our first refrigerator art.

and they keep on living happily ever after...

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