Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rockin' Out

It's just a chair.

a steal for $2 at the Y's nearly new sale.

The arms are a little loose.

It looks like it has been painted one million and two times.

I've had to hammer in some nails and staples that were sticking out.

We don't REALLY have a place for it in our living room. So it moves around systematically throughout the day to provide the space needed.

But to her, it is the best toy ever. It opens up a whole new world of big-girl-ed-ness.
To her, at the moment, its everything.

Its where she sits to watch tv. 

And by watch tv I clearly mean she steals the remote and changes all of the settings.
Included but not limited to turning on the closed captioning. And then turning all words to spanish. and then turning the characters to speaking in spanish. and then turning on the sleep timer.

then she watches for approximately 1 minute 43 seconds...

then she's bored and back on the move.

climbing up and down.

up and down.

rocking as hard as she can.

just sitting and smiling knowing that she got up there all by herself.

And what a "big girl" she is.

Rock on, sweet girl.


  1. This makes me so smile so hard, I'm pretty sure I'll have creases in my cheeks from it. What a big girl she has become! :)

  2. Omg!!! I love her!!!!! She's too stinking cute! Miss her tons! (this is Laura on a friend's account...)