Wednesday, June 9, 2010


EM is sick.

I came home last night to her with a (really) runny nose and a 102.3 temp. Whew.

After a really long 8 hours of literally constant people, I was tired. I had a whole list of stuff I needed to do. and this included my sermon for Sunday of which I am FREAKING out about.

but it all had to wait.

I had a sick little bean.

And I am seeing over and over again during this trying summer that I have priorities, sure. But at this point they don't include me.

I just have to get through...8 more weeks.

And all I think about all day is how much I want more time with EM.

So I come home at night and love her, and cuddle with her. Let her climb on me, and hug and kiss her.

That is my top priority.

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