Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cheer

I. am. done. My first semester at LTSG and as a mother is finished! I sent my last paper on Monday night, and had my last class on tues. After class Ella and I packed up our stuff and headed south east to Grammy and Grandpapa's house for a couple of fabulously relaxing days filled with cookie baking, starbucks drinking holiday cheer!

The smell of sweet cookies warmed the house, the tree was spectacular, and Ella was in high spirits playing with Grammy, telling Grammy stories, and smiling up a storm being charming as usual. It was such a great tradition to start and a nice way to celebrate the season. We went for one night, and stayed for two. Then it was time to come home and celebrate here. We've started our preparations for hosting Christmas dinner (!!). Today L, EM and I went thrifting and found some lovely casserole dishes, and the centerpiece for christmas dinner. What a fantastic week it has been! Tomorrow supposedly will bring snow. Lots and lots of snow. I'm very much looking forward to being snowed in and enjoying the white christmas that is to come!

(p.s. I have pictures I promise! Lots and lots of pictures-but my card reader has gone missing. I will post them as soon as it turns up!

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