Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Poo update.

I've been No 'Poo for over a month now and I must admit, I'm coming around.

It took a while, I hated the greasy period and felt not clean. I stuck with it because I liked the idea and c'mon, I was at home most days with no where to go so I could just not worry about how it looked and felt for the detox period. It also cut my shower time which I nice when I'm on edge poking my head out to hear if she has woken yet.

I am just coming out of the greasy period-and it is wonderful! My hair is starting to get it. I have my hair cut short and spiky, and haven't used product in weeks! It just stays how I want it (and how I blow it dry). I love not having sticky wax or pomade in my hair and I can run my fingers through it without having to wash them immediately.

My routine has formed itself-I was Wednesday with baking soda, Saturday with baby shampoo (ok, so not totally shampoo free, but starting this Saturday I'm going to try strictly baking soda). I haven't used the vinegar conditioner yet because I haven't needed to. I have experimented with lots of amounts of baking soda and even tried EVOO as conditioner (an option, but HORRIBLE idea for me. I was super greasy for a whole week from it!!). All in all, I'm impressed and love it for the moment.

Now to try washing my face naturally with evoo and castor oil...

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