Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bad day, and no-poo

some days are good, some bad. Today was a bad one. It felt like I struggled against EM the whole day. From 9 until 7 she was cranky, whiny and not happy. She ate a lot, cried a lot, slept not at all save for the 45 minutes where she napped to store up energy for the rest of the day.

these days come, I hope that they do not come to often and especially not tomorrow. Her formula makes her gassy. I think that may be most of the problem. The poor kid is just constantly uncomfortable. We're trying a new bottle, hoping to cut down on the air getting in. We see the ped. next week and will talk to her about what to do. I just want her to feel better for her sake and my sanity. But the dairy queen blizzard really helped.

However, we have started on the cloth diaper adventure. She is still way too small for them so it may be stalled for a bit. But she was in them (and happier I must say) for most of the day today. But we went through about half of our stash. It is a small one, but she goes like crazy still. We'll see. It may just have to wait a couple of weeks more.

Also, a new adventure I have taken on is going no-poo. I've been wanting to try this for a while, and being more of a home body with a tight budget and hardly any shower time these days I thought what better time really? I've only started today so nothing to report yet, but my hope is that I can stick with it through the greasy phase, and get over the smell of putting vinegar in my hair. better for the environment, better for my bank account, and better for me. A win-win (win) situation.

Cross your fingers for a good night and a good tomorrow...

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  1. Tee hee, when I read no-poo I thought you meant Ella wasn't going number two at all! And then when you said you were going to try it, I was thinking Why would Kelly want to try to not poop?? Hahahahahahaha.

    That sounds neat, you definitely have to let me know how it's working. Paul and I are going to try making our own laundry soap with borax, laundry soda (similar to baking soda but stronger I think) and some other ingredient I can't remember. It's like $10 worth of ingredients for 600 washes, so yay for saving money AND the environment! I might try the baking soda hair thing with you, I've been hating shampoo more and more lately, it never seems to work any more and my hair feels greasy AND dry simultaneously somehow. Thanks for the info!

    Ella's just jealous because I was flirting with her bf Carter last night. Tell her to not worry, I wasn't stealing her man. Then she will calm down and have a happy day today.

    Love, Mer xx