Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just found out yesterday, after lots of fasts, gross syrup juice, and arm pricking that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It is a little scary, but all in all, it is only a little over 2 months. I am told that as long as  I do what they tell me that I will have a happy healthy baby who won't necessarily be big (as sometimes happens). It also should go away as soon as I deliver. Let's hope.

I'll find out more on Monday at my doctor's appt. But I do know it will include a restrictive diet, appointments with the dietician, more ultrasounds, and a lot of finger pricking to test my blood sugar. L and I are just trying to process this complication, as we have had such an easy experience so far. 

But what I feel most upset about right now is that I'll have to miss the tandy cake that has been promised for dessert today at lunch...

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