Saturday, May 23, 2009

gestational diabetes

Apparently now, the test for gestational diabetes is a normal thing around week 26-28. Well, that's me. I'm now almost through week 26-so it is my turn. 

the Midwife told me to do it within the next 2 weeks and I had some time on Thursday so I just went for it. I simply had to go to the Gettysburg hospital and head to lab to drink some juice, wait for a while and get some blood drawn. Easy? Fast? No on both accounts. After spending and hour getting registered at the hospital first, and then through the lab, they asked me fruit punch or orange. Neither sounded appetizing, but I had to choose one. Knowing that fake orange drink can be pretty disgusting, so I chose fruit punch. Though this is was, I think, the wise choice, it was still not pleasant. They gave me a Styrofoam cup (first mistake in my mind..), full of about 12 oz of what might taste like Hawaiian Punch, only sweetened three times more! I had to drink the whole thing in 5 minutes or less and then they started the timer-for an hour. The drink made me gag, and during the hour I felt awful and a little sick to my stomach. But I made it through. and they took the blood (after sticking me in three separate places...). Then finally after about 3 hours in the hospital from start to finish, I was done. Hopefully I pass and am done with it. I'll find out at my next appointment in two weeks. 

Altogether not the most pleasant of experiences but it's important-and done-so I'm happy. I really liked the midwife, and I think we'll be very happy with her. So much better than Duke. Her labor philosophy is exactly how L and I would picture it, and she's pretty no nonsense which I really like in a medical professional. I'm measuring big enough that she was a little worried and we are going in for another ultrasound on Tuesday. Hopefully it's nothing, and we'll get to see babygirl one more time. 

This weekend we're spending at my parents house, enjoying the beach! It may be the only time this summer so I'm trying to enjoy the sun and sand while I can. Happy Memorial day!

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