Friday, March 27, 2009

talking to her.

I have been reading about talking/singing/reading/playing music for the baby. Evidence is inconclusive as to whether it actually helps. I feel silly doing it, yet when we are singing Amazing Grace in church and she starts to do flips in my tummy, it makes me happy. I guess it is still a bonding thing, but to me, it is more of a I want to meet you right now thing! So the talking I guess is my way of passing the time until she arrives and we can hold her. L likes to talk to her in a silly way. He comes home from work, says Hi to me then says Hi to her. The newest thing, as she is almost parallel to my belly button (and it is starting to become more shallow-eww), is using it as a megaphone. He thinks the baby can here better when he talks into it, and I admit, she moves a little more when he talks into it. We'll see how it works as my megaphone slowly become a microphone. Eww. 

As we have told people that it is a girl, the name question ALWAYS follows. We have not yet come up with a name, it has been narrowed down to 3 after many lists and many vetoes. Here are the options:

Thats it. We think it will be one of those, however who know in 4 months if things can change. I'm hoping to pass along the my and my mom's middle name, Jo, as who knows if we'll have any more girls.

This weekend is shaping up to be fantastic. The weather is back to the 70s, although there is some rain coming down (or misting rather). I am leading Duke Lutherans tomorrow in the ropes course at Agape. This means some extra money, as well as fun group building time with fun folks. L is coming with to hang out with Bill Dahl, and we're going to enjoy the delious baked potato lunch Danny and Omar serve. Mmmm....I hope they make their fantastic banana pudding-and of course the most amazing sweet tea I have had since I've been down south (the secret I've learned is half brown sugar, half white sugar..mmm..).  Sunday is church, a lazy afternoon and a dinner prepared for us by the same Duke Lutherans. Woohoo.

We get to go to PA next weekend which should be fantastic. L has some appts, and trout season starts Saturday which means friends and strata. can't wait. Sunday I finally get to perform a MOH duty by going to an open house at Boulder Ridge with Katie. 

Life is good, god is good :)

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  1. What's MOH?

    I like all three names...and in the order you listed them, actually. Yay!

    Be careful with Baby P on that ropes course...but that sounds like so much fun! Do a zipline for me if you have a chance!!